Dance events

Mobilizing a diverse team of artists and professionals is never easy. It is, however, rewarding, and it's my favorite thing about producing—fostering nascent concepts into powerful REALITY. Here's a taste of the shows I've helped produce and host over the years.


Bass music is hot. It also encapsulates the ever-growing electronic music scene. Since 2013, Trapacana has become the embodiment of heat by rising into an unparalleled music showcase. After its first year, our team introduced costume parties, promotional videos, poster sets, and alternative media—we sought to welcome more into the fold, to share the experience with as many people as possible. We've taken the Trapacana act to a number of venues, from outdoor festivals to large, indoor raves. Hot bass music. Wild themes. And a powerful host to keep things flowing. 


This monthly event blended dark bass, an occult aesthetic, and wild theatrics to create a truly one-of-a-kind experience.  Mass featured live artists, tarot readers, costume themes, and niche-bass EDM. Through our branding and marketing style, we reached horror fans, post-Goth, the Nu-Goth, Pastel Goth, occultists, horror FX artists, cosplayers—every soul from the darker walks of life. Ingeniously branded drink specials reflective of these themes propelled our sales and made thoughtlessly tipping back a drink or three into a memorable, rich experience. At Mass, everyday was Halloween.

vice City

Vice City was truly the every-person's party, where edgy artists mingled seamlessly with nine-to-fivers. Approachable music, interactive exhibits, colorfully fun and live art, and great drink deals: a formula for an electric time.

In addition to live artists, Vice City featured local artisans, from soap makers to jewelry smiths, and many other talented purveyors of unique, sought-after crafts. 

Like our other events, Vice City was a full-immersion design, an experience that pulled you from the bar stool and the lonely corners of a dance floor and transported you to: Vice City.