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Art street

Art Street, the sequel to Art Hotel, is simply defined: magical.

Artists—including Shaun Burner, Molly Devlin, Stephen V. Williams, and more—banded together with M5 Arts to create a one-of-a-kind, temporary, broadly appealing and diverse art project, with over 100 local and global artists exploring countless street themes both indoors and outdoors. 

In the notable company of DJ IMF.Dred of Trapacana, Art Street conferred on me the honor of hosting one of its silent-disco dance nights. 

A great party, an epic environment. 


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Concerts in the park

Concerts In the Park is hands down a fun, family-friendly event. It's also undeniably a Sacramento institution, having hosted acts like Deftones and Arden Park Roots. 

I hosted and performed alongside my DJs from Trapacana—imf.DRED and TAMEsta—two years in a row. This event sees thousands of guests per show and takes place every Friday of its summer season at Caesar Chavez Park in Downtown Sacramento. 

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Sac Horror film fest double feature w/ G tom mac and billy wirth

SHFF, the Sacramento Horror Film Festival, put on a double-feature showcase of two beloved, genre-defining films. An all ages event, I hosted the first segment of the show: as a female witch for Hocus Pocus. At intermission, I became a leather, chain-clad vampire for Lost Boys. And later, out of character, I interviewed G Tom Mac and Billy Wirth about their experiences creating for and acting in Lost Boys, their lives between then and now, and their aspirations for the future.

Being an avid Lost Boys fan as a kid, this was truly a humbling, exciting experience.


Beetlejuice - 2015/2016

Beetlejuice is a ten-years-running, themed Halloween party by Lite Brite Productions, a leader—a cornerstone—in the West Coast EDM scene. I've been fortunate enough to work with Beetlejuice for two consecutive years of those ten. In 2015, my bass showcase, Trapacana, curated the music for their 21-plus room. In 2016, in coordination with a dedicated team of actors, I coordinated its haunted house and laser tag arena. Combining makeup FX and costuming, guests stomped our world's terrifying battlefield to an eclectic music set. Here's to many more years of intense, physical scares, beats, and mayhem. 


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The Return to bubble island

Lite Brite Production's epic event, The Return to Bubble Island, was my first foray into its warehouse foam party extravaganza, where over 1000 frolicking attendees gathered in close quarters against a continuously bubbling waterfall. Great DJs, such as Adam One (National Entity) and Meaux Green, graced the stage. When Tim Manas (head of Lite Brite) thanked me for keeping the crowd ramped and engaged, it was a singularly amazing compliment. After all, my aim is get your event moving by being the best version of myself: captivating, visceral, someone that pulls you in and never lets you not have fun.



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